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Tale of Twilight - Page 061 by DonZatch
Tale of Twilight - Page 061
Shining Armor make a valiant return! Will this change the tide of battle or is there something more sinister at work here? What happened to Sombra and how did Shining Armor escape? These questions and more will be answered in the next few pages. Stay tuned~!

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Tale of Twilight - Page 060 by DonZatch
Tale of Twilight - Page 060
Crystal Guards are annoying to draw... so much detail! At least they're competent enough to not be defeated by the changelings.

Crash! Who or what could it be? Enemies? Allies? Some third thing? Find out in the next page!

Also, I added a progress checkbox thing to my profile page, so you all can view the progress on each ToT page. Enjoy.

Edit: Twilight forgot her crown in the last panel, so I put it back on. Thanks to Nikol1617 for finding it.

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Tale of Twilight - Page 059 by DonZatch
Tale of Twilight - Page 059
Hey y'all!

This page has been a long time coming, apologies for the wait.

For those interested in why this took so long: I was finishing up my last year of college. As of last weekend, I have graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Hooray!

Now, I have a month before I start working, so I'm trying to spend as much time as I can making some new pages for Tale of Twilight. So, you can expect to see updates at some kind of frequency for a while.

It also appears that I missed some pretty big milestones. As of checking today, I am at 100k pageviews and 1000 watchers. This is amazing and I cannot thank you all enough!

Hope to see you all soon with the next page!

- Don

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Tale of Twilight - Page 058 by DonZatch
Tale of Twilight - Page 058
One hiatus ended this Saturday, so why not a second? Tale of Twilight is back, baby!

The mane 6 have been separated by Chrysalis's attack, and Changelings are quickly surrounding them. What will happen next? Interesting stuff is mounting as this battle continues.

I owe a huge "Thank You" to everyone for waiting so patiently for the series to continue. My previous quarter at University was super hectic, and I couldn't find time to work on the comic. I am now in my final quarter before graduation, and have a significantly smaller course load. I will be trying to get a new page out every other week, and hopefully even more frequently once I graduate. Until then, thanks for staying awesome.

- Don

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Hello fellow Deviants,

I'm doing some livestreaming today for the next page of the comic. I've finished about half of the page on Wednesday, so today's mostly going to be coloring, backgrounds, etc., but if you want to tune in, I'll be streaming through Picarto:…

Why Picarto?
Well, it's a streaming service for artists. Livestream doesn't seem to include art as one of their targeted demographics, and Twitch is mostly for games, so I decided to try this out. As far as I know, you don't need an account to chat, just choose a nickname.

Anyways, keep a watch on my DeviantArt page for updates on the status of the stream using DeviantArt's status system.

- Don
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